Rejuvenating Mask 10PCS

Rejuvenating Mask 10PCS Category: [mask]

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Rare and moisturizing formula, using wetland vegetation erythrosin to refine the essence, let the dry layers fade away, and the water shines step by step: specializes in excessive drying caused by water shortage, greasy and dirty, dull and dull, large pores, loose and fine Troubles such as wrinkles and peeling tension!

Brightening Beauty Mask 10PCS

Brightening Beauty Mask 10PCS Category: [mask]

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Give nourishment to the dull stratum corneum, regenerate the waste stratum corneum with oxygen, and repair the damaged layer in the muscle layer. protection. Gentle and pure formula, suitable for long-term maintenance and use, step by step to guide the skin to a healthy state of bright, tender, fresh and shiny!